Hi I’m Richard; long time cyclist, and recent bike shop owner.


Creating VeloCambria bike shop is a long time dream of mine; a dream that has put a smile on my face as I’ve planned the details, the dream that also kept me awake for hours in the middle of those nights. 

Please join me in celebrating VeloCambria; a new kind of bike shop with community spirit, passion for classic steel frame cycles, and a wealth of fun for all who enjoy their time on two wheels. 

Here’s some photos of us getting started…

Down goes the temporary banner, up goes new signage. Already a following of relaxed locals and travelers are finding a home at VeloCambria. 

Interior design is heating up. A cozy fireplace will put a smile on wary travelers’ faces in the coming winter months. 

Bicycle stock is on the way. Until then, champions of the road adorn our walls and race bikes are displayed proudly in the windows, letting Cambrians and travelers know what we’re all about. 

We’ll fill our walls — and our grounds — with hero cyclists from past, present and future. 

Bikes and boxes to unpack, shelves to stock, spotlights to aim and a store to fill. So much is coming together so quickly, we haven’t been able to keep the door closed to new clients already. 

In a time when e-bikes are scarce on the market, HAIBIKE was able to deliver and stock VeloCambria with a nice fleet of electric bikes for rent. 

Here, we’re just getting the workbench in order. Soon the glass cases will be filled with hard-to-find parts as well as the things you’ll need to repair and get you back on your ride.