That is to say, we’re stretching our legs out to the sidewalk and making way for bike café service at Velocambria.

We’ve installed of new ornamental wrought iron railing around the front, completed our new stone entry, and installed new light fixtures for our signage.  The shop at twilight is spectacular, with illuminated windows and our pylon heaters burning on each side of our entry on a full moon night.

The next phase will be the instillation of a long counter/bar top made out of a 3” thick plank of wood from the trunk of a Cypress tree, a 10’ high X 30’ long “green wall” against the wall on the right-hand side facing and eventually a rainproof patio cover also on the right-hand side facing.

While we are in conversation with a couple of different food trucks to use our Central California cycling venue, we have not settled on one specific truck yet and we are therefore not ready to make a final commitment to opening a full-blown café yet. It’s coming soon though, and by the time all of us food testers have had every item from every food truck in our vicinity, we know you’ll have the tastiest food a cyclist can get on the streets of Cambria (and we might be out walking off our meals!). We’ll still have tools and a bike rack for self-serve repairs while your group relaxes in the shade of yellow market umbrellas.

Cambria Christmas Market will be starting up at the Cambria Pines Lodge and Nursery where they decorate the grounds and the nursery with “2 million decorative lights.” People come from all over the state to attend the grand holiday event in a quaint beach town. There are so many people that attend that they have to shuttle people in from remote locations around Cambria to drop them up at the lodge and one of the shuttle pick-up points is across the street from Velocambria. If you ride the shuttle, we’ll have coffee and cocoa and delicious treats waiting for you at a food truck from Cayucos parked out front of our shop. The Christmas Market runs from November 24th to December 23rd, and we hope to have the truck there for all or at least most of the evenings during that period.  As we firm up our schedule, I will confirm the dates in my next post.

Rich Wingard

Rich Wingard
Owner, Velocambria