Cambria, California Guided Cycling Tours

Cycling Paradise

Have you ever found yourself cycling through beautiful locales and thought “I wish I knew more about the peoples and places, the animals and plants of this region”? Or maybe the thought has just been “How much longer until we reach that amazing view and I can finally turn around?!”

If you answered YES to any (or all) of these questions, here’s your chance!

VeloCambria and I are committed to connecting you, the visiting cyclist, with the very best of the central coast. We do this by offering customized cycling tours based on your fitness levels and your areas of interest. We offer packages ranging from “easy” to “hard” and from “elementary” to “University” levels.

Once you have settled on a basic ride distance, we work together to design just the right tour. There are no “standard” or “cookie cutter” tours here – each experience is curated specially for you. Want to stop every five miles and chat about native culture along the central coast? We can do that. Want to hammer out 25 miles, stop for water, a pretty view, a quick Q+A, and then do it again? We can do that. Want to challenge yourself in the Big Sur mountains? We can do that. See Below for All the Topics and Areas of Expertise we can include on your tour! Before the tour is booked, you will have the opportunity to speak with us about all the specific interests your group has. It is this informational interview and customization process that creates the very best experience possible for your time here!

Let’s Get Started!

How many and how far? Just have a few details in mind before you sign up.

  • How many people on your tour?
  • Would you like to rent a traditional or eBike from VeloCambria?
  • Custom lunch packed for your ride or available after?
  • What sounds like a good ride for you and your group?

Select Your Ride

Lighthouse Ride

2+ Hours

25 miles and 700’ elevation.

Easy Peazy (no elephant seal squeezy). Straight Northwest up Highway 1, beautiful views, wide bike lane, calm morning traffic and often light winds. Great opportunities to discuss native history along the coast, talk about the elephant seal rookery, and much more.

Group size:
1-2 people = $120
3-4 people = $180
5+ TBD.

Ragged Point / ”Phoebe’s Ride"

4+ Hours

45-50 Miles and 1750/2250’ elevation

Past Lighthouse, some road narrowing, with a taste of the Big Sur climbs! Significant cultural history here along with some beautiful views.

Group size:

1-2 people = $150
3-4 people = $200
5+ TBD.

Gorda So Good Ride

5+ Hours

75 miles and 4800’ elevation.

Into the Big Sur. Half flat + Half climb = Whole fun! Past Ragged Point you’re either going up or going down. Stunning coastal and mountain views make this a scenic fitness test for most.

Group size:
1-2 people = $180
3-4 people = $240
5+ TBD

The Limekiln Limit/Central Coast Century

7+ Hours

100 miles and 6600’ elevation.

Highway 1 Closed beyond this point. Bucket list stuff here my friend! Epic views going both directions, challenging climbs going both directions…

Group size:
1-2 people = $240
3-4 people = $320
5+ TBD.

Inland Empire

Tour of the inland valleys including custom combinations of Santa Rosa Creek, Old Creek, Santa Rita Creek and/or Highway 46. Steep, rough roads, often hot temperatures, always amazing views and full of challenges. Mileage 30 to 75 miles+

Prices TBD

Topics of Interest and Conversations

Cultural History

  • Native peoples of the central coast – People have lived where we will be riding for thousands of years. It is important to recognize the land these first peoples occupied and the lives they led. Where and how did they live, what did they eat, and where are their descendants today?
  • Spanish, Mexican and Early American History – Our routes will roll through former Spanish mission property, Mexican land grants, and early American period ranches and settlements. What activities were carried out here and what signs of these eras still remain on the land?
  • “Odds and Ends” – From Portuguese whalers and Victorian shipwrecks, to Chinese kelp farmers and media moguls. Learn about some of the least known and best known inhabitants of our coast over the last 150 years.

Natural History

  • Native and non-native animals – From (A)lcatraz to (Z)ebra, many native and non-native species inhabit today’s central coast. We’ll be on the lookout for everything from elephant seals and whales, to Roosevelt elk and Zebra – they are all a part of the fascinating natural history of the central coast.
  • 3 trees you need to know and why – Monterey Pine, Monterey Cypress, and Eucalyptus.
  • “It must have always been this way” – In a word, Nope.

Meet Your Cycling Guide

Rick Denman

Rick Denman, a true cycling enthusiast, hails from a background deeply rooted in the thrilling world of two wheels. Born and bred in the heart of cycling culture, Rick’s journey began as a bicycle stunt cameraman, capturing the exhilarating stunts and breathtaking maneuvers of fellow riders. This early passion for the artistry of cycling laid the foundation for a lifelong commitment to the sport.


While Rick’s initial ventures revolved around the daredevil realm of stunt filming, his path gradually evolved into a more community-oriented direction. Transitioning from the camera to the organizer’s role, Rick became a driving force behind the rise of bicyclean events, seamlessly blending his technical expertise with a newfound dedication to promoting sustainable and healthy lifestyles through cycling.


Over the years, Rick’s love affair with bikes has taken various forms, mirroring the evolution of cycling itself. From the early days of capturing daring stunts to embracing the challenges of organizing bicyclean events, his journey embodies a diverse spectrum of experiences within the cycling community. His commitment to the cause goes beyond the surface, reflecting in his active involvement in promoting cycling as a lifestyle.


Currently immersed in the world of bicyclean events, Rick Denman continues to contribute to the cycling community’s growth and vibrancy. His dedication extends to fostering a sense of camaraderie among cyclists, encouraging not just the thrill of the ride but also a shared passion for a healthier, more sustainable future. Whether navigating the technicalities of event planning or conquering challenging terrains on his trusted bike, Rick Denman remains a steadfast advocate for the joy and camaraderie that cycling brings to people’s lives.

Berndt Stolfi

California’s Central Coast is my home and my heart. I was born and raised up the road in Carmel Valley and attended UC Santa Cruz for my BA in History. My love for the region’s history and environment shaped my Master’s Degree in California Environmental History. This passion led me to work for California State Parks for over 30 years as a Guide and Interpreter, connecting visitors to our beautiful state. I have long dreamed of sharing my love for and knowledge of the area on a deeper, more personal, level.

I am committed to bringing you the very best of the region in meaningful and memorable ways by expertly matching your interests to our spectacular locales. I currently provide guided hiking tours with Airbnb Experiences as “Central Coast Scenery and Secret Spots” and am very excited to be partnering with VeloCambria in our new endeavor!

I’ve had a love affair with bikes since before the training wheels came off… From sissy bars and banana seats into BMX and mountain bikes, I’ve ridden them all. I’ve been a roadie since 2005 and been riding exclusively in the Cambria area since 2010.

I ride a Parlee Z4 which almost counts as vintage and plan on a gravel friendly replacement/addition in the coming year or two. While I’m not a racer, I’m proud of my “status” as a Strava Local Legend on many Strava segments, particularly in the Big Sur region north of Ragged Point.

We look forward to matching your interests and love for cycling with our beautiful locales and amazing cultural and natural history!