So as I was working in my front yard the other afternoon thinking about everything I still have to tackle in opening our bike shop, VeloCambria, and I see this neighbor ride by!  Such is the bike culture in San Clemente today that even with the proliferation of eBikes on the cycling scene that kids still do their own thing just as it was when I was a kid busy in my garage with my brother and buddies fabricating our own tandem bikes by connecting two frames together.

The bike represented our freedom and independence as did cars when we entered that world. But we never forgot how important our bikes were to our life experience with many of us picking it up again in more competitive ways later in life when cycling here burst on to the scene after the 84 Olympics. Our bikes gave us the ability to explore the world beyond just our neighborhood and we did with gusto.


Cycling still gives me that sense of freedom and youthful energy. That is why many of us are still passionate about cycling. When you’re on your bike with the wind in your face and the world rushing by there is no better sense of being perfectly balanced in a world removed from our everyday lives and worries.  It is reassuring to see that as the world seems to be changing in many ways contrary to everything we were taught to believe and aspire to that some things never change as with this kid riding down the street with the wind in his face, perfectly suspended.

Let’s hope it never changes. It is to that ethos that our bike shop, VeloCambria is dedicated to.